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Friday, February 17, 2017
On Bikes in Drenthe
Drenthe was made for the bike, or was the bike made for Drenthe? Drenthe is the absolute Cycling Province; it was awarded ‘five-star bike region’ for a reason! The next years are all about the bike here in Drenthe. Our goals is to get as many people as possible on their bikes, from tourists to school kids. We want the bike to be the number one means of transportation!

Drenthe knows many great cycling events, examples are the ‘Ronde van Drenthe’, the ‘Drenthe Fiets4Daagse’, ‘Slag om Norg’ and the ’Superprestige Gieten’. The National Cycling Weeks have taken place in Emmen and Festival op Fietse (On Bikes) travelled the whole of Drenthe last summer! Apart from the cycling events there is the campaign Op Fietse (On Bikes). This is a campaign that consists of different parts, that developed apart from each other. On our website we will gladly inform you about Festival Op Fietse, Op Fietse to school and Op Fietse to work. This website also offers a platform for specific cycling events, as well as the UCI Para-Cycling Road World Cups and World Championships. More info? Go to:
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